United Auto Workers

Fighting for a Voice for All

Why Join Us?

The United Automobile Workers of America works for the benefit the laborers, to get better working conditions and better salaries.

Here are our objectives for all workers:

  • An annual wage.
  • Factories need to get rid of of production line speedups
  • The establishment of seniority preference for layoffs
  • Rehires.
  • Job transfers and promotions.
  • A 40-hour week with an eight-hour day and time-and-a-half pay for overtime
  • A reduction in hours for the employed until all laid off workers were rehired.
  • Better safety protection in the plants.
  • Collective bargaining with union recognition. [1]

If you’d like to help us achieve these objectives, please sign up here  to stay updated information  page or contact your local chapter representative.